Youth Engagement Practictioners Cadre 3 (2012-13)

Adam Fletcher with the King County Youth Engagement Practitioners Cadre in 2011.

The Youth Engagement Practitioners Cadre (YEPC) was a dynamic professional development program promoting organizational and community transformation. YEPC members were adults with three or more years of youth engagement experience who together form a learning community that met once monthly during the 2012-13 school year. Members developed community collaborations, shared expert knowledge and experiences, and deepened youth engagement practices in their settings and throughout King County, including Seattle and its suburbs.

Throughout the year, Cadre members engaged in projects to deepen, apply and share their knowledge, including individual presentations, job-shadowing, research papers, and public presentations. At the end of the year, Cadre members were recognized for their commitment to their professional development at a countywide youth engagement event. Cadre findings were compiled in a best practices manual for distribution.

The Cadre was managed and facilitated by Adam Fletcher, an internationally-recognized youth engagement expert; along with Teddy Wright, a seasoned youth engagement practitioner and expert facilitator; and Kyla Lackie, a community organizer and program manager for SOAR.

Sponsors included Seattle Public Schools’ Youth Engagement Zone, the Corporation for National and Community Service, SOAR, and CommonAction Consulting.


2013 Cadre Members & Organizations

  • Amy Bender, Northwest Center
  • Shawna Boggie, YouthForce at Boys & Girls Clubs of King County
  • Connie Chan, Vietnamese Friendship Association
  • Lauren Cooley, Treehouse
  • Devon de Leña, ArtsCorps
  • Karly Feria, Community Schools Collaboration
  • Chev Gary, YMCA
  • Sean Goode, YMCA
  • Cindy Irwin, Compass Housing Alliance
  • Lizzie Jackson, Nature Consortium
  • Cori Jaeger, Camp Ten Trees
  • Hana Kawai, All Girl Everything Ultimate Program
  • Kayla Mahnke, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Ruel Olanday, Vietnamese Friendship Association
  • Katie Panhorst, College Access Now
  • Sarah Ratermann Beahan Summer Search
  • Amy Salins, New Horizons Ministries
  • Grace Scarella, Nature Consortium
  • Becca Shim, NELA
  • Sarah Waugh, Catholic Community Services Youth Tutoring Program

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