The Power of Public

Somewhere out there, nestled inside our collective imaginations, is the power of Public.

Private sources that would profiteer from our laziness, disregard, or indifference would have us think otherwise, but they are wrong. 
We each have within us a positive, powerful potential to create, build, sustain, critique, deconstruct, and rebuild every single part of our lives every single day. The reality of The Public is that we share that positive, powerful potential among everyone. Collectively, together, we have the ability to do absolutely anything we want to in our world.
That reality has been proven again and again throughout time, in ways that appear both positive and negative. We have seen wars launched and nations built, diseases ended and cultures razed. There has been limitless growth with periods of painful decay. Taking a person to the moon may be fairly compared with the construction of the first cities in the Fertile Crescent, because both exist in a seamless arch towards human growth. 
In America today, there is a movement to surrender the public will in many ways. Corporatists would have us believe that we cannot coexist without profiteering. Segregationists believe we cannot live together because of our races, socio-economic statuses, educational levels, or cultures. Religionists have competing gods, educationalists have competing schools, and nationalists have wars. Competition constantly demeans The Public by interfering with our health and well-being, sacrificing cooperation for success every single day, in almost every single way that we live.
However, somewhere out there, right now, The Public is recuperating. There is an emerging hopefulness that is more apparent among society than ever before. 
The future is bright, and we must live towards that hope for all people. For The Public.
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Published by Adam F.C. Fletcher

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