Day Without Rain

Where I live
Moss, ferns, salal
Compete for abundance

N’er for want
Trees grow infinitely tall
Masking forest floors

Day without rain
No songs fill the air
Clouds grow heavy, despair

Tides withdrawn
Oyster beds uncovered
Baking in temporary suns

Mushrooms disappear
Chantrelle delicacies vanish
Mud, dried, shows on my wood floor

Where I live
Day without rain
And disorder abounds

But my soul dries out
And my skin tightens up
Knowing rain comes tomorrow

Day without rain




Suffering Love Laughing At Myself is the first poetry book of Adam Fletcher Sasse and is available at

Published by Adam F.C. Fletcher

I'm a speaker and writer who researches, writes and shares about youth, education, and history. Learn more about me at

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